There are many kinds of dumpsters, designed for different disposal needs, and renting the most cost-effective and efficient dumpster may require a little specialized vocabulary.

The dumpsters most people are aware of are those lidded commercial dumpsters found situated discreetly behind businesses and emptied on a regular basis by regular garbage trucks. These are not the sort people rent for their temporary disposal needs. Roll-off dumpsters or roll-off containers are the kind found on construction sites or in people’s driveways during a re-roofing project. These dumpsters are long, rectangular, and open - they literally roll off a truck bed and onto a driveway or work site - and come in a number of sizes, designed to fit the needs of various projects/customers.

Accurately estimating your waste needs is very important if you are on a budget, but most people could not easily guess how much material fits into a 30-yard roll-off dumpster. So how much material does fit into each of the roll-off dumpsters Yello Dumpster offers?


A 10-yard dumpster holds up to 10 cubic yards of material. This size dumpster would be the one used for smaller remodeling projects, removal of a modest deck, clearing out junk a garage or attic, or getting rid of yard waste after a storm.


A 15-yard Dumpster could be used for a kitchen remodel, for one-layer of roof shingles from a 2000 sq. foot house, a basement clean out, or carpet/flooring removal from a small house.


This size dumpster could contain debris from a large deck removal, junk removal from a small house or large garage, roof shingles from a 2500 to 3000 sq. foot house, or carpet/flooring removal from a larger house.


This is a much larger dumpster and could be used for a house addition or new construction project, for the demolition of a garage or outbuilding, or for significant housing revamping or remodeling involving siding, doors, or windows.

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The above definitions are general estimates only; our staff at Yello Dumpster would be happy to advise you more specifically with the details you can provide about your project. If you are looking to order affordable dumpsters in Grand Rapids MI, please give us a call at 616-915-0506.